Welcome to PEACETree Art Studios. Where we create Custom Mosaic Art solutions and decor to enhance residential and commercial properties. Our Mosaics are whimiscal and colorful, to create a focal point and let the imagination flow.

What We Do

We create custom mosaics and art solutions for either residential or commercial properties. We create mosaics on concrete ground, sorrounding structures, benches, planters, trash cans, boulders, and more. They are colorful, wonderous playful mosaic motiffs that create flow and encompass art, flowers, sky, sun, natural beauty, along with expressive words to bring together a harmonious ensemble of visuals to the areas we work on.


Our Story

Amy and Jackie are sisters who were born and raised in Monroe Michigan. We grew up on East Second Street where our family home still resides. Our father, Denny Arnold was an artist among other talents. Everyday was magical, where we encouraged to express through art and music.

Amy owns Art is Amy (artisamy.com), her art can be seen throughout Southeastern Michigan. She’s been involved in HGTV, The Monroe Magazine, MOMAC, Adult Art Education, children's workshops, Ann Arbor Art Fair, and the Wyandotte Art Fair. Today, she teaches art at Meadow Montessori School where she inspires children daily.

Jackie’s art journey began teaching children art at Gateway School in Toledo, Ohio. While attending college at the University of Toledo, she sold her art in the Student Union and created workshops for friends. She has had her art showcased in the Ann Arbor Art Fair, The Wyandotte Art Fair, and numerous school auctions where she was a chairman. She taught art through the Girl Scouts in Southeastern Michigan and continues to give her gift of art today.



Say Hello.

Amy Arnold 734-790-1851

Jackie Arnold Shulick 734-497-3811